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Our oil manufacturers are members of GOED (Global Organization for EPA & DHA) which guarantees the highest quality standards of the oils with which we manufacture our products.

This certification far exceeds the requirements of international reference bodies such as the WHO or CRN, guaranteeing, batch by batch, the practical absence of heavy metals, PCB’s or Dioxins, the non-oxidation of the product and the fact that the quantities of the active ingredient (DHA or EPA) is never less than that mentioned on the label.

Our omega-3 is obtained from medium-sized fish (anchoveta) in the wild. Also, the purification system used in our products is the Supercritical Liquid Extraction with CO2″ followed by a second supercritical chromatography phase.    This implies that:

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This is the case of the IFOS certificate. An IFOS omega 3 is synonymous with a product that meets the quality standards imposed by the WHO and the CRN. This certificate is of great importance and is one of the first conditions you should look for when buying a supplement of this kind.

Due to concerns about mercury contamination in edible marine sources and other heavy metals, having an IFOS certified Omega 3 is a relief for most consumers.

This program is slowly growing in popularity and gaining more strength as a validation of this class of products, so consuming a product with this certificate means you are consuming a premium product for your health.

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Omega-3 es un complemento alimenticio a base de aceite de pescado concentrado apto para adultos y rico en ácidos grasos Omega-3. El producto aporta EPA y DHA, que contribuyen al mantenimiento de la presión arterial normal (el efecto beneficioso se obtiene con una ingesta diaria de 3 g de EPA y DHA), al mantenimiento de los niveles normales de triglicéridos en la sangre (el efecto beneficioso se obtiene con una ingesta diaria de 2 g de EPA y DHA) y a la función cardíaca normal* (el efecto beneficioso se obtiene con una ingesta diaria de 250 mg de EPA y DHA). Además, el DHA contribuye al mantenimiento de la función cerebral normal y de la visión normal (los efectos beneficiosos se obtienen con una ingesta diaria de 250 mg de DHA).

¿Qué es el aceite de pescado? ¿Y de dónde procede? El aceite de pescado es un aceite rico en ácidos grasos poliinsaturados que se obtiene de pescados grasos como la sardina, la caballa y el salmón.Su proceso de producción requiere dos pasos esenciales: la extracción del aceite de la materia prima y su purificación.