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“HG Wells’ seminal novel has been adapted for the screen many times, but has always had a contemporary (and American) setting, this is the first version to be set in London and the local counties during the Edwardian period.”

He further added: “Our aim is to provide a thoroughly modern thrill ride for audiences, delivering an alien invasion story that will shock and awe audiences around the world.”

Meanwhile, Peter Harness, who has adapted the classic novel, added: “The version of The War of the Worlds I wanted to make is true to the tone and spirit of the book, but one that also feels contemporary, surprising and full. of shocks: a collision of science fiction, period drama and horror.

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As far as internal organs are concerned, the Martians were also very simple: heart, lungs, veins and above all: the brain, were the total of their internal organs. They had no stomach and subsisted on blood transfusions that they took from other species, so they could be considered hematophagous.

In this also little-known but well-written adaptation by David Michael Latt, the Martians are insect-like creatures with legs two meters high, and have the ability to spit acid.

In this well-known adaptation directed by Steven Spielberg – the third film on the same subject from 2005 – the Martians are creatures with a lot of similarity to their war machines (tripods). The head is similar to that of a Triceratops, with a pair of black eyes. Below them they have a beak. They have no tentacles. They have five limbs composed of two long “arms” and a leg, and walk on these three jointed limbs and two short arms on the “chest”. All their limbs have three toes.

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And it will do it twice, because Fox will premiere on October 28th another very different version of eight episodes, this time starring Gabriel Byrne, Léa Drucker and Daisy Edgar-Jones, among others. As we said, the approach will be different, since the miniseries in question respects the era portrayed in the novel: it takes place at the beginning of the century.

In The War of the Worlds, Amy (Eleanor Tomlinson), from the future, tells us how she and her partner George (Rafe Spall) witnessed what they thought were eruptions on Mars. They saw them from Professor Ogilvy’s (Robert Carlyle) huge telescope in his study. However, it was not a natural phenomenon but an attack directed towards Earth by technologically advanced beings.

The great success of the series is that, although it introduces some important changes with respect to the original novel, launched for the first time in 1898, it respects to a great extent the message that Herbert George Wells wanted to convey, which was none other than to warn about the behavior of human beings with respect to their fellow men. In other words, despite the enormous influence of this work for being the first to narrate an extraterrestrial siege of our planet, if we were to change the evil Martians for the British Empire itself, the result would not vary too much.

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The War of the Worlds is a BBC re-adaptation of the science fiction classic of the same name, created by H. G. Wells. In it, we meet George and Amy, who try to build a life together, a project that is paralyzed by the new situation, in which survival is key. This adaptation is one of the most faithful to the book, both in its setting in Edwardian England, as in tone.

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