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The Russian platform, which offers services and products related to the Internet, also offers the possibility of translating from texts to images in an interface that looks complete at first glance.

In addition, in the translation box there are options such as a spell checker and a microphone symbol to dictate what you want to know in another language. A history of translations is created in Yandex, although it is possible to deactivate this option, as well as other functions.

In addition to a dedicated app for macOS and Apple mobiles, this translation tool is also available as an extension for most web browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox and Edge.

In addition to the corresponding translation, the platform provides other examples that can help people to have a better understanding. Registration is required in order to access all its tools.

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The application supports more than 100 languages and allows to translate: 50 languages starting from a picture of the source text, 43 languages starting from speech in conversational mode and 27 languages starting from a real-time video in augmented reality mode.[10]

On April 23, 2020, it was announced that it adopted a new model to reduce the gender bias that occurs between two languages when one language makes a distinction between masculine and feminine in terms that the other language has gender-neutral.[49]

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For those of us who do not have much knowledge of English from a grammatical perspective, when we translate a text, we do not really know if the translation is understandable and clear for the user who reads the text.

To solve this issue, there is a free tool called Hemingwayapp. It only works for texts in English, it is accessed from here and what the application indicates to us by means of colors:

From a grammatical and readability perspective it is great. In addition to giving us a score on the clarity of the text, it recommends options for improvement if we put the cursor over the relevant color:

Another of the most popular free tools to correct our English writing and that we advise, is the Grammarly application (Access from HERE). Very handy! It even checks the grammar of our emails.

There are also several English grammar checkers that will help us to write better based on Artificial Intelligence. We directly recommend Linguix which is free premium, but for normal texts and sentences in length, the free version is enough. A simple to use and very powerful tool:

spanish to english translator

After that we click to write the text and we will see how we are passed to a window where we only see what we write and the translation below in blue.we finish writing, we press Enter on the virtual keyboard and we return to the previous screen, seeing the translation in a blue box below what we have written.

Other optionsJust below the translation box there are certain options that are worth knowing, since they can help us at a given moment and depending on the situation.  Let’s start from left to right: