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The benchmarks of the A11 pulverized in many aspects to those of the Android competition. Is this noticeable in the user experience? You notice that the phone runs very fast, that it does not struggle to run applications or games, but it is the same feeling I had, for example, with the Huawei P10 Plus which, remember, had 6 GB of RAM.

What I certainly liked the most about the iPhone 8 Plus is its dual camera. The 2x zoom needs good light to work well, but the result is great. The portrait mode and the new lighting modes are a blast, although you need some finesse to get the person you’re photographing not to be earless or the background not to eat a garment, a shoulder, etc.

The video recording and slow motion are spectacular, but what really surprised me is the audio recording. Here’s an example of a video I recorded at an Alter Bridge concert. The first example (with the song “Come To Life”) is recorded with this iPhone 8 Plus. The second, of the song “Open Your Eyes” at the same concert, with my Galaxy S7. Notice the sound quality of one and the other:

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On the negative side we have the alteration, very slight, in the tone of the whites when we vary the viewing angle, in addition to something inherent to OLED technology: the deterioration of the panel with much greater speed than an LCD. Choosing the iPhone X over the iPhone 8 Plus means exchanging the security and proven quality of the LCD panel for the greater spectacularity of OLED, but with doubts about its future behavior.

The differences are very subtle, basically two: the stabilization of the telephoto lens on the iPhone X and the possibility of using portrait mode on the secondary camera, the selfie camera, thanks to the depth information that the sensors used for Face ID provide to the ISP.

The system that Apple has included in the iPhone X works very well. Much better than we initially thought. Logically there are situations or modes of use, such as with the terminal on the table or lying on the bed on its side, that need to be improved, but these are problems or cases that are quite small and that could be compared to others that we also had with the fingerprint sensor.

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Amazon Prime Day has just started and with it comes a multitude of mobile deals. Most of them will be available during the day today, but not flash deals like this iPhone 8. If you do not hurry, it’s gone.

Apple’s lead in the mobile camera sector has been short-lived with its iPhone 8 Plus and its 94 out of 100 points on DxOMark. The Note 8 has achieved an identical score albeit with a 100 out of 100 in photography.

DxOMark, the well-known independent camera testing lab, has now released the results of tests done on the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8. With 94 and 92 points out of 100, we have new leaders.

iOS 11 is released today and we show you some keys on what you should do. Like why to upgrade, how to upgrade, how to backup your phone and, very importantly, whether or not your phone is compatible with iOS 11.

All the details, specs, featured features, video analysis, price and availability of the full iPhone family available since September 2017 in its different versions

Iphone 8 plus size

A “premium” high-end phone, in 2017, with the frames and dimensions of the iPhone 8 Plus is not admissible. Apple knows it, it has seen it in all its rivals and that’s why in a month we will know first hand the iPhone X.

However, this step from metal to glass is quite noticeable in hand. The weight goes up, up to 202 grams, and the first few times you pick up the iPhone 8 Plus you can appreciate that those extra grams are there. The touch is warmer and this initial time with the terminal seems to me to be less slippery. But it also conveys more fragility.

It also has its role in the improvements that Apple offers in storage. I’m not referring to the fact that the base iPhone 8 Plus model is now 64 GB (the next is already 256 GB) but that both images and videos now take up about 50% less space on that internal memory.

Apple has adopted H.265 (HEVC) for video and HEIF for images thanks to the hardware capabilities of the A11 Bionic, which has other advantages such as going back over an original image at any time even if you have retouched or modified it and the preview is the final image. For now that can be achieved on the iPhone, iPad or Mac with High Sierra, so with the rest of the ecosystem the jpg will remain the reference format.