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¡Ahora caigo! premiered on July 6, 2011 and was broadcast on Tuesday or Wednesday nights, depending on the week, on Antena 3.[1] On August 22, 2011, the first channel of Atresmedia suppressed El diario to expose a daily version of this contest, airing from Monday to Friday at 17:45h with 100 000 € at stake.[2]

In the summer of 2019, Antena 3 opted not to broadcast reruns as it had done on other occasions. Thus, during Arturo Valls’ vacation, Silvia Abril took the reins of the contest until August 30, 2019.

With the arrival of Pasapalabra in May 2020 to the afternoons of Antena 3, the program and Boom! advanced its broadcast by one hour. This caused a drop in the audience of Arturo Valls’ program, so it caused changes in the mechanics that would arrive on February 16, 2021, raising its data in the premiere of the mechanics to 13% of screen share. This “new version” of the program could already be seen in the Italian version of the contest, Caduta libera.

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Next comes the dreaded camera test, where the team assesses the contestant’s television potential. It is a test in which Arturo Valls asks the contestant questions about his personal life. “In the camera test is where people come up,” he reveals, “and they value that you have a special ability to present yourself.” Which leads to the next step.

“Some tell jokes, others sing or tell a funny anecdote…”, notes the participant, although it’s not all about showing something special, you can also attract attention for being who you are or saying where you come from: “They liked me because I said I was a sexologist, something that few people do, and that I was preparing a project about it”.

After passing this test, it can take months for them to call to confirm participation. So it is important to be patient. It is worth remembering that the program is filmed in Barcelona, so the travel ticket and accommodation, if necessary, are paid by the organization.

jorge fernandez

Being part of Gesmusic’s program is another step forward for this Barcelona native with a degree in audiovisual communication and a long career as a hairdressing, photography and catwalk model. In this sense, she has worked for some of the most important cosmetics and clothing brands.

Her work in ‘¡Ahora caigo!’ will be the most relevant to date in her television career, but not the first in Antena 3. In 2011 she already appeared as a special guest in another contest of the network, ‘Atrapa un millón’ by Carlos Sobera.

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The indispensable ArturoThe director is also very proud and grateful to her presenter. “It’s a wonder to work with him and he is willing to do anything. Now we do less specials, but he has dressed up as Mona Lisa, vampire… and he has done some really crazy things, besides falling down the trap door, pirouettes, singing, dancing… He is a spectacle, he improvises very well, he is very fast and mentally agile”, says Hernández.

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