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Live streaming is one of the best methods to connect with your audience. Are you interested but don’t know how to do it? Don’t worry, in this post we show you how to broadcast live on Twitch, the queen platform of live streaming at the moment.

To be able to broadcast live on Twitch, you must be previously registered on the platform. If you have not yet done so, go to the Twitch home page and click on the Register button in the upper right corner.

From there, fill in the form fields to create your profile, enter your verification code, select your interests and that’s it! You are now registered. Don’t forget to enable two-step authentication to keep your account secure.

Although it may seem obvious, when you register on Twitch you become part of a community governed by certain rules that are important to know (allowed content types, intellectual property, infringements, etc.) so don’t forget to read the community guidelines.

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There are several basic items needed to start streaming, but you don’t need to go broke! Budget can be an issue for many amateur streamers, so if you have to prioritize some items over others, here’s a list of the most important things:

The most essential component of a stream is the device you will be streaming from. Your PC’s primary task will be to run the streaming software, so we recommend that you check the encoding and that it has the minimum requirements to do so. Most mid-range computers (both PC and Mac) should have no problem running a basic game, audio and webcam software and streaming software.

Sometimes sound quality makes the difference between the success and failure of a broadcast, and providing good sound for a broadcast can substantially change the viewers’ perception. The impact of the cost and quality of the headset and microphone is not as great as that of the audio setup. Consider the type of content you are going to create and choose the most appropriate microphone to optimize its performance regardless of its quality. Are you broadcasting from a noisy or soundproof location? Condenser microphones pick up a lot of ambient noise, while dynamic microphones only pick up sound projected directly into them. If you do your homework and research beforehand, you’ll have great sound and your broadcast will be successful.

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Twitch, a new form of entertainment, has established itself on the Internet, albeit unnoticed by many. With the platform, users watch each other play video games, exchange comments via chat and praise the stars of a world that some don’t even know exists. So it’s not surprising to wonder what Twitch is. In this guide…

If you participate in Internet discussions, it is recommended that you respect netiquette. If you break these rules of politeness, you will not only make a negative impression, but your posts may be deleted and you may be banned from making further comments. Since netiquette is similar everywhere, these problems can be easily avoided.

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1. Install Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)The first step of all is to install a program that allows you to stream live on your PC. Of all of them, Open Broadcaster Software is an excellent choice. It has all the necessary functions to do a live stream on Twitch while playing your favorite video games, and on top of that, it’s totally free!

3. Set up Open Broadcaster SoftwareNow comes the longest and most laborious part! Open the OBS program, go to File and select Settings. After that, go to the Broadcast section and configure the options as follows:

Another way to set up the broadcast in OBS is, instead of connecting the account, press on the “Use Broadcast Key” button. The “Server” option will be the same but, to get the broadcast key, you will have to go back to the Twitch page.

When you have finished setting up with either way, don’t forget to hit the “Apply” button. Otherwise, you may lose this whole procedure. If you have followed these steps, you are now more than ready to start a Twitch live stream!