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Let’s start with what you’re probably wondering: what changes between the OnePlus 7T Pro and the regular OnePlus 7T? And between the OnePlus 7T Pro and the OnePlus 7 Pro? Yes, it’s all pretty confusing, but let’s try to clarify it as best we can.

There are other changes such as fast battery charging, which improves charging time by 23%, and the under-display fingerprint reader, which is also faster and more accurate thanks to the new algorithm. The processor is also renewed, but not much. It now sports a Snapdragon 855+, the same as the original Snapdragon 855 but with a bit more frequency in both CPU and GPU.

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The first thing that caught my attention of the OnePlus 7 Pro was that it is a large mobile, perhaps too much, and the feeling has remained throughout the month. It is not an exaggerated thing and I have ended up getting used to it, but not for this reason I find it more comfortable to operate, and is that in addition to huge it is also quite heavy.

In this generation there is no notch and there is no front camera in sight. OnePlus hides the front sensor in a pop-up mechanism that is triggered automatically when we activate the front camera. The mechanism is quite fast and the simplicity of its shape makes it complicated for dirt to accumulate dirt, although some usually remains on the gasket.

Since we are talking about the front, it’s time to talk about the screen, a screen that is the star feature of the terminal. The QHD+ resolution or AMOLED technology are key features, but they are not the most important, that is the refresh rate of 90 Hz.

Is it that noticeable? Yes and no. The first few hours with the OnePlus 7 Pro I certainly noticed it a lot, but it’s one of those things that you get used to right away and it becomes the norm. It’s also noticeable when you open certain games or apps and see how everything moved much faster and smoother, but overall it’s something your eye gets used to quickly. Of course, just as quickly as you get used to it, you start to miss it when you pick up a phone with a “normal” screen.

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After weeks of rumors and leaks about the OnePlus 7, last May 14 was finally unveiled how are the new flagships of the Chinese firm, which this time arrive in double. Also, the price and availability of the new OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro are already known.

However, OnePlus marketed limited units through the Community Drop on and last Saturday, May 18 from 09:00 h, in the two OnePlus Pop-ups with Media Markt in Madrid and Barcelona, specifically in the Media Markt Plaza del Carmen in Madrid and Media Markt Plaça Catalunya in Barcelona.

In Amazon they have anticipated its launch and have already put on pre-sale the following versions and configurations at the official prices. Yes, they will be on sale on May 24, three days later than announced by OnePlus.

On Aliexpress are already available the new OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro in global version with shipping from China. Aliexpress is not an online store as such, but a marketplace with thousands of eBay-style stores, each with its own policy. For this reason, we have listed those with more relevance and orders.

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Also, the main rear camera on this smartphone is stabilized and has an f/1.7 aperture value optic, so on paper it should perform well in low ambient light shooting scenarios. This is one of the usage scenarios where all brands have room for improvement, so we will test it thoroughly as soon as a unit falls into our hands. On the other hand, the other rear camera, the 5-megapixel one, has 1.12 µm photodiodes and f/2.4 aperture value optics. The challenge ahead for this mobile is to show us how these two cameras perform when working in tandem.

The telephoto lens of this smartphone opts for an 8-megapixel sensor with 1 µm photodiodes, stabilization and optics with f/2.4 aperture value. Its 3x optical zoom looks really good on paper, but it is far from the fivex optical zoom of Huawei’s P30 Pro, which seems unbeatable in this particular section. The third camera of this terminal is, as you might expect, a wide-angle with 16-megapixel sensor, optics with f/2.2 aperture value and 117-degree field of view. In the table below you can read the detailed specifications of both handsets.