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It is available in almost every language in the world, but like its big brother, Wikipedia, it can be fed to anyone who wants it. It has short stories, didactic books, epic tales, novels, plays and essays. Copies can be found by author’s name, by country or by subject.

It has a catalog of up to 16,000 royalty-free titles for free download. There are no commercial novelties, but there are true best sellers such as The Art of War, by Sun Tzu, among many other gems of classic world literature.

It is a site with free and open books. All are licensed under GFDL, Creative Commons and other licenses such as Project Gutenberg and any others that are free for distribution. The books in English are organized by categories, and next to the download link the type of license is specified.

It compiles a collection of free e-books, many from Project Gutenberg and others from the Human Genome Project. It also contains audiobooks, and all are sorted by author, category and license type.

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We are at the beginning of the Easter vacations and one of the things you can do to relax in a fun way is to read. If you are one of those who have an eBook or eReader, you will need to get some content to pass the time. We show several websites where it is possible to get free eBooks.

One of the things we have taken into account when choosing a website is that, apart from offering a good database that allows you to download free eBooks of all kinds, the compatibility of the formats offered is very wide. This makes it possible to use the downloaded files in all types of eBooks -including Amazon Kindle- without having to perform any conversion process. In short, you simply copy the downloaded file to the gadget you have. Now all you need is a good reading light to make the most of your ebook reader.

Anyway, if for some reason you want to transform the free eBooks you get there are several options for this. One example is the Calibre program for computers that offers great quality and can be obtained at this link. In addition, there are also developments for mobile terminals with Android, such as Ebook Converter, which you can get using the link below:

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Enter the library and browse our huge collection of ebooks that include fiction, romance, classics, academic books, self-motivation and business literature among others.

New digital books as well as new titles are constantly being included thanks to the contributions of hundreds of Hispanic authors who wish to share their work for your reading pleasure.

New Spanish language website lets you download unlimited Free eBooks online for use on any computer with internet browser, Amazon Kindle, Apple iPad and iPhones, all eBook readers and smartphones too.