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Working in a program like Sálvame is not easy. David Valldeperas as director knows it well.  And less simple is to do it every day because the reporters end up becoming almost just another characters. last Friday afternoon Omar Suarez has had to make a live connection with his program with two people behind (one on each side) doing almost protectors of the reporter. “We see that you still have your bodyguards behind you so everything is going well”, ironized from set Nuria Martín, who today presented the format of the Fábrica de la Tele in Telecinco. “It’s not like that, I have my little monsters here, you have yours there on the set,” she replied.

And the fact is that the format of the Fábrica de la Tele has been in Malaga all week to report the separation between Antonio David Flores and Olga Moreno. Today Kiko Hernandez went to the Andalusian city to talk to a relative of those involved in this sentimental breakup. At a certain moment Carlota Corredera gave way to Hernández by order of Valldeperas, who asked her to stop any other conversation.

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Isabel Torres has surprised by giving an interview to ‘Sábado Deluxe’. The actress who became the protagonist in ‘Veneno’ has gone to the Telecinco program after thrilling all her followers by announcing that her doctor has given her two months to live due to the cancer she is suffering from. As generous as ever, Torres thanked the program for inviting her and applauded the social function they perform.

Later, the program wanted to have a nice recognition with Isabel Torres, since from the production they had contacted the general secretary of the Premios Ondas with the aim of giving it to her during the broadcast of the interview. Jaume Serra went live and dedicated some touching words to her.

Unbelievable what you have made me feel just through a screen, I feel like my family. You are there in my worst days and in my best days too and although it sounds cliché. I love you as if I have known you all my life.thank you @DeluxeSabado @maria_patino#isabeltorresdeluxe- Comentandotv (@Comentandotv13) November 21, 2021

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Dubbed by its members as “Golfo”, Sálvame premiered weekly on Thursday, March 19, 2009, in late night after the first episode of Supervivientes on Telecinco.[9] The program, which obtained a 25.8% share and almost one million followers (976,000) in its premiere,[10] was born with the aim of commenting on the survival reality show in a humorous and lighthearted way, but soon, anger and live fights displaced the formal content of the program.

On November 6, 2009, the humorist and actress Paz Padilla joined the program’s team to present the Friday programs, since Jorge Javier Vázquez was hosting the weekly program that same day.[19] Later, in May 2011, she was offered the Thursday hosting, since the main presenter was facing the edition of Supervivientes for the first time until the end of July.[20] On the other hand, on October 6, 2011, she joined the program’s team to present the Friday programs, since Jorge Javier Vázquez was hosting the weekly program that same night.[21] On October 6, 2011, she was offered the Thursday edition of Supervivientes for the first time until the end of July.

For her part, on October 28, 2010, María Teresa Campos joined the program as “audience advocate”. In this section, she began to give a voice to the people who watched the program, who gave their opinion about the space, the collaborators or the topics they were dealing with.[30] In addition, the program’s audience was also given the opportunity to express their opinions.

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Sálvame’s new open war against the Pantoja family is now focused on Kiko Rivera. The program has been claiming for several days that the Dj and son of Isabel Pantoja could have been unfaithful to his partner, Irene Rosales, showing images of a party.

Kiko Rivera himself has already counterattacked the program, claiming that they attack him because they are “short of audience”, although he has met with the defense of other Mediaset faces such as Joaquín Prat.

Sálvame went a step further this Thursday, contacting different witnesses of the party who assured that Kiko Rivera kissed a woman. And the program decided to “embellish” it with images of animals with horns and deer sounds. So Irene Rosales called the program.

Rosales regretted the attitude of the program, stressing that “my daughters have to keep watching this”, and confronted him telling the presenter Carlota Corredera: “Everything has a limit, you have put as bait the sound of deer and as a person, I feel affected. I understand everyone’s work, but I think everything has a limit”. When the presenter alluded to the alleged witnesses, Rosales was direct: “All those who are telling lies are going to be denounced”.