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El Mundo (pronunciación en español: [el ˈmundo]; lit. ‘El Mundo’), antes El Mundo del Siglo Veintiuno, es el segundo diario impreso más importante de España. Está considerado como uno de los periódicos de referencia del país, junto con El País y ABC.

El Mundo se publicó por primera vez el 23 de octubre de 1989,[2][3] Quizás el más conocido de sus fundadores fue Pedro J. Ramírez, que fue director hasta 2014,[4] Ramírez se había destacado como periodista durante la transición española a la democracia,[5] Los otros fundadores, Alfonso de Salas, Balbino Fraga y Juan González, compartían con Ramírez una trayectoria en el Grupo 16, los editores del periódico Diario 16. Alfonso de Salas, Juan González y Gregorio Peña también lanzaron El Economista en 2006[6].

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The publishing company of El Mundo is Unidad Editorial Información General, S.L.U., which is owned by Unidad Editorial, S.A., also owner of Grupo Recoletos, both of which are majority-owned by RCS MediaGroup (Rizzoli), which controls the Italian daily newspaper with the largest circulation, Corriere della Sera, and which sets the general guidelines for action.[6] On March 8, 2010, the Unidad Editorial Group, together with other publishing companies, launched Orbyt, a paid digital content platform for all the editorial products of the aforementioned companies, in the Orbyt kiosk, in which they launched the Orbyt kiosk.

On March 8, 2010, Grupo Unidad Editorial, together with other publishing companies, launched the Orbyt kiosk, a digital platform of paid content for all the editorial products of these companies, in which, in addition to having specific sections (four for El Mundo), it is also possible to consult the newspaper library of all publications, give opinions and interact with the editorial staff.

The newspaper generally supported the government of José María Aznar. However, it questioned some of his actions, [citation needed] especially those that could favor PRISA – since the period of Felipe González, the two had become rivals. El Mundo also seriously criticized the Iraq War.[11] El Mundo also criticized the Iraq War.

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Politics The allies of the Government warn that the legislature has not concluded and claim to be necessary for future reforms Pilar Araque Conde The unprecedented majority of the 2021 Budget is reinforced in the 2022 budget bill, but not for this reason these groups take for granted their support for the rest of reforms and laws of great social significance pending to be addressed.

Politics The Government ties up support for the 2022 Budget after closing an agreement with ERC Pilar Araque Conde The spokesman for the Republican group, Gabriel Rufián, explained at a press conference the minimum pact reached regarding quotas and incentives in the framework of the future audiovisual law, among other agreements.

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