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It is a pleasure for me to participate in this event to present a very important project of the WTO Chairs Program, which studies the interactions between trade, employment and decent work for women.

The global economy is not gender neutral. Data show that globally, women represent 38% of the workforce, but are paid only 77% of what men earn. Worldwide, 606 million women provide full-time unpaid care, compared to only 41 million men.

We can change this paradigm through trade. Inclusive trade can give women access to employment, decent work and economic empowerment. Trade can be a game changer by lifting women out of poverty and, consequently, their families as well.

Globally, women represent 33% of the workforce in exporting companies and 24% of the workforce in non-exporting companies. In addition, women represent 36% of the workforce of companies involved in global value chains and 38% of that of foreign-owned companies. This figure is 11 and 12 percentage points higher than that of companies that are not part of global value chains and are domestically owned.

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DGA Ellard told participants in the Dialogue that, in the face of the transition to a sustainable economy, WTO Members are reacting through various negotiations and initiatives, such as the negotiations to end harmful fisheries subsidies and the Informal Dialogue on Plastic Pollution and Environmentally Sustainable Plastics Trade.

On possible new rules, DGA Ellard insisted that Members should decide which negotiations to pursue. He concluded that the Twelfth Ministerial Conference, which was postponed due to the spread of the omicron variant, is an excellent opportunity for Members to agree on the necessary reforms and get down to work.

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The showcase, which will feature four songs and last around 30 minutes, will kick off the traditional export meeting «e-ENEXPRO INDUSTRIAS CREATIVAS 2022; Cuando la creatividad importa, se exporta» (e-ENEXPRO CREATIVE INDUSTRIES 2022; When creativity matters, it is exported).

The band will inaugurate the third version of the export meeting «e-ENEXPRO INDUSTRIAS CREATIVAS 2022; Cuando la creatividad importa se exporta» (e-ENEXPRO CREATIVE INDUSTRIES 2022; When creativity matters, it is exported), which will bring together more than 200 Chilean companies with a hundred counterparts, importers, publishers and distributors from more than 15 markets.

ProChile’s Department of Gender and Indigenous Peoples conducted a study to gather information on the companies led by women, where they are located, what their exportable offer is and what kind of help they need to make the leap.

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