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The girlfriend of Jordi Cruz, the chef, has denounced usurpation of her identity30 September 2021Jordi Cruz’s girlfriend has just denounced a case of impersonation. Although she has 40,000 followers in her social networks, the young woman has suffered in first person the fact that someone impersonates her. An image that she herself has shared on her Instagram profile, where she has also told that…Read news

Hiba Abouk looks pregnant in Paris with an incredible Balmain lookSeptember 30, 2021Actress Hiba Abouk has a full agenda this week. After appearing at the San Sebastian Film Festival, she has not missed the appointment with fashion in Paris, where we have seen her in more than one fashion show. On the arm of her partner, she attended the Balmain show with a look in the style of…Read more

Queen Letizia recovers her working girl version with a new shirt full of tassels30 September 2021On the day that marks one month since the departure of Princess Leonor to Wales, Queen Letizia has moved to La Rioja this Thursday to preside over the opening of the Vocational Training Course that, in this edition, has taken place in the I.E.S. Ciudad de Haro.See news

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International Chocolate Day (September 13) was created to commemorate the birth of Roald Dahl, the author of the famous children’s book “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, for many chocoholics, a great excuse to enjoy this sweet without remorse. We are talking about a food that, apart from its taste, has properties that are…

The most important specialized professional event in the Iberian Peninsula celebrates its second edition in IFEMA MADRID with the participation of more than 270 companies, which will showcase the best organic, natural and sustainable products in agri-food, wine, beverages, beauty, textiles, ecopackaging, health and wellness The largest event in the Iberian Peninsula for professionals in the food, wine, beverages, beauty, textile, ecopackaging, health and wellness…

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The denominations heart journalism, pink press, pink chronicle, and the old ones of echoes of society or chronicle of salons[1] or gossip of the show business (from gossip translated as gossip) receive the journalism dedicated to report on the life of celebrities and show business, often falling into harassment, depending on the country and sector in question (socialite, artists, reality contests or quirky characters). With a certain relation to popular or sensationalist culture, it lacks political interest and is used for marketing or eccentricity purposes.[2] In its origin, the chronicles chronicles of celebrities and celebrities are used as a means to promote the culture of the country.

In their origin, salon chronicles could consist only of a cursory enumeration of short paragraphs with brief news of the upper class, but at other times their elaboration appeared with certain humor and irony or was presented with great photographic apparatus.[3] In general, as Francisco Villacorta points out,

The subjects in question may vary with the vedetismo phenomenon: false divorces, pregnancies, children and events. These lack any deontological code, and even dare to spy on celebrities’ telephones with electronic means.

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Every fan of the tabloids knows that Wednesdays are synonymous with going to the newsstand to buy the main magazines dedicated to show business. The most famous magazines in this field go on sale on this date and the portals are filled with exclusives about the most famous people of the present.

WEEKLYThe same happens with ‘Semana’ magazine. In its pages you can find all the details of the ceremony and the party afterwards. And also about Claudia (Bertín Osborne’s daughter) and José Entrecanales.

Diez Minutos’Diez Minutos’ dedicates its cover, almost entirely, to the lawsuit that Gloria Camila has filed against Rociíto. In addition, it brings an exclusive interview with Norma Duval in which she talks about her partner Mathias.