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Barrios assures that her husband has always been a party animal: «He is the most artistic of all. Antonio is very flamenco. He knows how to sing, he has a compás (rhythm) that you can’t believe. After work, he would get together with his friends, and they would sing and dance. And I, who had a life ordered by my father, felt a big shock. It was a very different way of living. He has always been a good father, he loved me very much. I love him madly. Sometimes it’s true that I shit on his teeth, but don’t let anyone touch him».

She almost gets emotional: «They are very attentive to us, to his father and to me. There are days when I’m not well, because I feel down, for no reason, because today I have no reason. But I get them, and I think a lot of things». Her beginnings as an actress, explains Carmina, were to please her son Paco: «Actually, I didn’t realize it. I became an actress to please Paco. He would ask me for things and I would do them. One afternoon he came to pick me up and took me to the kitchen of Carmina o revienta».

At that point, she tells details of the shooting: «In the monologue there was fiction and reality. The envelopes were true. I got home, I had a headache, I went to take a Nolotil. I had an appointment with the gynecologist. He said ‘you take a suppository at night and also a sachet’. I took the sachet, drank it and it was terrible. It was a vaginal lavage sachet! I drank the whole thing.

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«In my family I felt like an ugly duckling, it was very terrible. I thought they had changed me. I felt very alien to my family, I wanted to belong to something else. I escaped from there and found my way, but in the end it was a boomerang effect, because I am that from which I escaped.»

His first foray into the television industry was in 1999 on Canal Sur’s Castillos en el aire, where he played Lucas, a friendly receptionist. Subsequently, he signed up for the sitcom Moncloa, ¿dígame? of Telecinco in which he played Mario. However, after thirteen episodes aired in a period of four months, the series was cancelled due to its lack of success.

On December 26, 2006, León directed and starred in his first television series Ácaros, where he gave life to Sonny Crocket, the rather silly son of a family of anthropomorphic mites. The series received bad reviews from the very beginning, being described on the website «Vayatele» as: «sappy humor sprinkled with various sketches over ten minutes». After the audience failure, the series was finally cancelled.[1][2

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She was born in 1953 in the Triana neighborhood, in Seville, under the name of Josefina del Carmen Barrios Huertas. However, her neighbors and loved ones have always addressed her as Carmina. She is the daughter of a conservative military man and married Antonio León, a retired tavern keeper in the city. Together they had three children: Paco, María and Alejandro. Her children: Paco, María and Alejandro LeónCarmina is the ‘matriarch’ of a family full of talent. Her children, Paco and Maria León, have made a name for themselves as performers in the world of cinema and television, and have even acted with her in different projects.

The second part came with Carmina y Amen, in 2013. In it, the two main actresses of the first film, Carmina and María León, mother and sister of the director, were both reprised. This new installment focuses more on the fictional part than on the documentary, since the script is fictional.

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Antonio León, father of Paco and María León (and husband of the very original Carmina Barrios) is the member of the family who is less often seen. We have seen the mother and children together not only at the movies, but also on the red carpet and even on television, sharing confidences and family anecdotes.

But not Antonio, he keeps to himself and gives space for others to achieve fame, although many (including us) are curious to know him, perhaps because of that halo of mystery.