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Yes, much more than Dorotea. The normal thing was to be called Carmen or Dolores. But it wasn’t easy at first. They wanted a stage name and I didn’t give in. It seemed to me that in Luz we all fit in, that it was like the name of a band.

Out of necessity. Singing is my way of communicating. Talking is hard for me: writing, less, singing, nothing. I prefer to be in a corner and live through the others, because that is the food with which I compose and sing.

I know the importance of that song, I know its power. I choose the songs and I sing them and I record them with who I want and where I want. I am privileged, but that’s why I have to be careful with complacency. For my ego it is more than enough.

Luz Sánchez-Mellado, reporter, interviewer and columnist, has a degree in Journalism from the Complutense University and has been publishing in EL PAÍS since she was a student. Author of ‘Ciudadano Cortés’ and ‘Estereotipas’ (Plaza y Janés), she focuses her interest on the behind-the-scenes of social, cultural and political trends and the approach to their protagonists.

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LA TABERNA DEL BUDA, DE CAFÉ QUIJANO LUCHA CUADROS, ROSA Mª Lexical work (professions, nationalities, clothes and accessories, family and relationships) based on listening to the song La Taberna del Buda by the group Café Quijano.

CUATRO ESTACIONES BARETTA, DANIELLE Listening comprehension work based on the song Cuatro estaciones (2003) by the Venezuelan group Guaco, which leads to the presentation of specific vocabulary.

CUANDO LOS ÁNGELES LLORAN, CANCIÓN DE MANÁ ESPINA PRIETO, CRISTINA Didactic exploitation of the song by the group Maná whose objective is to practice the past through the life of Chico Mendes and to work with the meaning of metaphors.

MARTA, SEBAS, GUILLE Y LOS DEMÁS, DE AMARAL ORTIZ, ÁNGELES & ORTEGA, SONIA Didactic exploitation of a song in which all skills are integrated to review uses of the preterite indefinite and the expression of habitual actions with the preterite imperfect.

I love her to death (je l’aime a mourir) – cover by isa bornau

Didactic exploitation of Luis Fonsi’s song No me doy por vencido to practice the present simple, narrate and describe situations and attitudes, both real and hypothetical, in the present time frame.

Didactic exploitation of the song Assumpta by Siniestro Total whose objectives are to practice the morphology of the imperfect past tense of indicative and to reflect on the combination of past tenses in the same text.

Activities based on the title song to approach functional exponents of the type le da miedo / fastidia / molesta…+ subjunctive; necesita una persona que… + subjunctive in the expression of feelings and moods.

Task addressing structures for the expression of hypotheses and the use of past tenses. From the work on the song mentioned above, all skills are worked on with emphasis on connoted values and colloquial vocabulary.

From the theme of environmental preservation, ironic language samples are presented to activate pragmatic knowledge and express attitudes and intellectual states: to persuade, to invite a group that includes the speaker to do something.

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