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It collects: Revolution, State and Nation in 19th century Spain;Protagonism of the bourgeoisie, weakness of the bourgeoisie; The unitary State; Clients, clienteles and politics in Restoration Spain; The debate on national identity in Italy; The first Francoism.

Francisco Javier de Burgos (Motril, 1778 – Madrid, 1848) is an example of an enlightened Spanish reformer. His life took place in a complex and difficult time, at the crossroads of two centuries and two epochs that shaped contemporary history: the era of the Enlightenment and the era of the liberal revolutions. His political career is marked by his Frenchified condition, since at the tragic juncture of the Napoleonic invasion, Javier de Burgos followed in the footsteps of many of his enlightened friends who saw in France the model for the modernization of Spain. Appointed Minister of Development in 1833 by Ferdinand VII, to his concern for the modernization of the administrative organization of the State we owe the provincial division of Spain, which has survived to the present day.

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Pope Francis announced Sunday in St. Peter’s Square that 13 cardinals will soon be created and one of them will be Cuban Juan de la Caridad García Rodríguez, archbishop of San Cristóbal de La Habana since 2016.

Last July, to cite an example of caution in its relationship with the government, the archbishopric of Havana preferred not to comment on the actions of the authorities to prevent lay Catholics and independent journalists from participating in the funerals of Cardinal Ortega.

Jaime Ortega Alamino, who the media called «the cardinal of the thaw» for his mediating role in the rapprochement between the governments of Cuba and the United States in 2014, described as «former criminals, without cultural level, some with psychological disorders» a group of dissidents who occupied a temple and were evicted by the police, at the request of the prelate, days before the visit of Benedict XVI to the island in 2012.

«Because of his discretion and centrism, he is the person least committed to the infighting in the Cuban Church,» said lay intellectual Lenier Gonzalez Mederos to journalist Mario J. Penton in the days when the current archbishop took office.


Uno y medio contra el mundo es una película mexicana de comedia dramática de 1973 dirigida por José Estrada y protagonizada por Vicente Fernández, Ofelia Medina y Rocío Brambila[1].

Lauro (Fernández) es un ladrón que, mientras escapa de uno de sus robos, conoce al niño Chava (Brambila), que es tan pillo como él. Al llegar a Ciudad de México deciden trabajar y vivir juntos. Finalmente, Lauro es detenido por sus delitos y, mientras lo visita en la cárcel, Chava le revela que en realidad es una chica. Años después, cuando Lauro sale de la cárcel, se encuentra con la ya adulta Chava (Medina), y deciden robar como antes, con ella disfrazada de hombre. Ambos se enamoran y un día se besan. Sin embargo, un grupo de borrachos los ve, y debido al disfraz de Chava, los confunde con una pareja homosexual, y los atacan violentamente, golpeando a Lauro y apuñalando a Chava. La película termina con un Lauro herido que lleva en brazos a Chava, ya muerto.

Debido al final de la película, en el que el personaje de Ofelia Medina es apuñalado por besar al personaje de Vicente Fernández mientras está disfrazado de hombre, la película recibió notoriedad tras una polémica en la que Fernández afirmó en 2019 que se negó a recibir un trasplante de hígado, tras ser diagnosticado de cáncer, por si el donante era homosexual[3] La crítica de Etcétera afirmaba que «46 años después de aquella película, el propio Vicente Fernández sigue sin entenderlo»[2].

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Last Monday, the news fell like a bombshell in the Bishopric of Solsona. Its incumbent, Xavier Novell, one of the media stars of the Catalan episcopate, left his post after having «freely» asked for his resignation after a process of discernment and «for strictly personal reasons». Few knew of the request he had made to the Pope and many were surprised by the speed with which the pontiff accepted his resignation.

Bishop Novell has always been at the side of the political prisoners, with words and, above all, with deeds, becoming one of the few exceptions in the Calalan Church hierarchy. I can only have words of gratitude (although I disagree on many important issues). #Solsona https://t.co/Ab2q2PU5bb- Josep Rull i Andreu (@joseprull) August 23, 2021