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And they give as an example the famous song Rainy day Women, where they play with the participle stoned (stoned, stoned and drunk, hung). «After discarding a literal translation that would have ruined the game, we considered several alternatives, the most convincing with the verb colgar and its jargon participle. Finally, we were inclined to take an exit in which everyone ends up buzzed, but we are still hesitating…»

José Moreno tells that they have encountered «a lot of interpretation problems», because there are very ambiguous lyrics, «with a diabolical syntax». In addition, they have tried to walk like tightrope walkers between sense and nonsense. To intervene on the absurd is to force a text that makes no sense. «You can only reproduce meaninglessness.»

The translator says that in the lyrics he discovers an author who absorbs from everything around him, from the Bible to Shakespeare, Poe to a B novel. Opposite him, Cohen. A man with a more solid and sophisticated literary culture. «Cohen would have been a great Nobel Prize winner. I have no doubt that Dylan’s is literature, sung. Now, if Dylan deserves it, so does Cohen».

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The one that holds the highest appraisal is that of «The Times They Are a-Changin'», probably the best known and most appreciated song of the 2016 Nobel Prize winner for Literature, with a price of 2.2 million dollars (approximately 2.03 million euros). Composed in 1963, it is one of the most important protest songs of that decade. In the manuscript can be seen entire verses crossed out and annotations in the margins.

If the sale of «The Times They Are a-Changin» takes place, it will beat the previous record price for a handwritten song lyric, which precisely corresponds also to a work by Dylan: «Like a Rolling Stone», auctioned by Sotheby’s in 2014 for 2 million dollars.

On the Moments in Time website, the photo of the manuscript «The Times They Are a-Changin'» currently occupies the most prominent place, along with a letter from Martin Luther King to Sammy Davis, Jr. dated March 28, 1961, about the involvement of black artists in the struggle for the civil rights of the African-American people. However, its price is vastly lower, as it is on sale for $54,000.

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His musical career has already exceeded five decades, and his works have touched different genres such as folk, country, blues, rock and roll and gospel. Dylan’s compositions have been recognized as authentic poems exposing social, philosophical, political and literary themes, making the singer one of the most important figures of the musical panorama of the last century and of this one, and being awarded on countless occasions worldwide. To immerse ourselves in the lyrics of Bob Dylan is to enter the mind of one of the most important active composers on the world scene, and also to take a journey through our most recent history. Without further ado, we leave you with a selection of phrases from Bob Dylan, the poet who championed the protest song of the 60s.

5. You who make the big guns. You, who build the planes of death. You, who build all the bombs. You, who hide behind the walls. You, who hide behind desks… I just want you to know that I can see you through your masks.

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It almost seems as if Lhasa wanted to follow in the footsteps of Chavela Vargas, whose very old Mexican song, interpreted by her, inspired the title of her debut CD: La Llorona.

In those bars where she performed, she would do so with her eyes closed and her hands tucked in her pants pockets, amidst the ambient noise and glasses clinking. She would do this until she got the attention of the diners, drunk or not, and then there would be silence so that the atmosphere she had created could take its place.

Lhasa argued that in all societies a certain song has this role, that of expressing the pain of a culture: «Among the gypsies, in Arab countries: everywhere there are singers who sing sad songs. Edith Piaf in France, the blues in the United States. Everywhere there is a tradition of people coming together to listen to someone singing on their behalf to express their suffering».

Her approach to the cathartic drama theory was clear: «When you see others suffer, you don’t feel so alone with your own pain». It was evident that this singer had found the right form of expression for her deepest feelings.