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the house of bernarda alba monologue

The story of Bernarda and her daughters, like our history, has its roots before its birth. Deep, twisted roots, of a very distant origin and perpetuated by who knows what dark interests. It is an ancestral origin that is sustained by fear. Bernarda fears that everything will change and her change will make her lose her apparent and imposed entity, she fears not knowing what to do with an authentic vital essence that will unbalance her and that is why she keeps the rules with which she was educated. The same could be said of her five daughters, inserted without choice in a world inflexible and barren but comfortable, anesthetic and uneducated that annuls them and for which they sell their freedom, except Adela and Maria Josefa … whose action of trying to realize themselves is condemned with death and madness.

It works on the ancestors who know neither understanding nor compassion towards the being they have created. As Saturn devours his children, Bernarda is devoured and devours her desires and those of her daughters and as a consequence their lives.

la criada la casa de bernarda alba (the maid in the house of bernarda alba)

“The play has many new things to say in view of the tremendous political and social involution in which we find ourselves, confirmed by what has just happened in Afghanistan. Not to mention the repression of women and the strength of religion in society. A cry had to be raised. We cannot turn our faces away from the same horrors,” says director Jose Carlos Plaza. The production, which premiered in Alicante this season, has been to several cities and will arrive in Madrid in May.

His vision now is different from when he staged the play in 1984. Then he opted for a realistic treatment where “even the smallest detail of Lorca’s work was in the staging,” he recalls. In the current production, on the other hand, “everything is reduced to the essence in order to have a greater impact. I have dispensed with all the accessories and eliminated some characters”. Theater and society have changed. “Everything now goes much faster. Any explanation in the theater kills the theater, hence the need to use ellipses and jumps to get to the point.”


Una niña encuentra la obra de García Lorca en la estantería de sus padres y al comienzo de la lectura ve a Poncia, uno de los personajes de la obra. Ambos iniciarán un diálogo mientras asisten al inevitable desarrollo de la historia.

Poncia es el ama de llaves de la casa donde Bernarda Alba ejerce un control total sobre sus 5 hijas – Angustias, Magdalena, Amelia, Martirio y Adela, para cumplir con el periodo de luto tras la muerte de su marido. ¿Cómo ve ella esta obligación social? ¿Qué opina del deseo de libertad?

Recomendada para público a partir de 9 años, esta versión de la última obra escrita por García Lorca puede verse en el Lliure online: es un monólogo dialogado e ilustrado que fue creado durante el encierro del año pasado por la dramaturga Victoria Szpunberg y la ilustradora Ana Yael.

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Under the direction of Albert Pueyo, Sala Ars Teatre delivers an adaptation of Federico García Lorca’s classic: The House of Bernarda Alba (1945). A work that, by virtue, serves as a spyglass of an explicit machismo of a past century. It also serves as a mirror to rethink our time.

The performance of Marta Fons, who plays Bernarda, is impeccable and gives strength to each act. Likewise, it is worth highlighting the work of Gemma Iglesias, who plays the middle sister, Martirio. They make 60 minutes pass in an entertaining way and rescue, as a historical archive, a message of inequality that emanates from family relationships. Ultimately, this play gains weight by sticking to the content of the script.

On the other hand, the interpretation of other actresses was somewhat forced and overacted. Perhaps the direction was trying to give a different tone to the play with this counterpoint, but it did not quite fit and their performance was out of tune with the naturalness of the rest of the cast.