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Never forget that the resume is the first opportunity to communicate your skills and experiences to your prospective employer. It is a snapshot of you, your skills, education, professional experiences and other accomplishments.

Update the «This is me» section to highlight why you are the right person for the job. Don’t give a complete and detailed background. Focus on the key facts and aspects that fit the job you are interested in. Easy to read

Make an effort to make your CV easy to read. Use clear and simple language. Use expressive verbs (e.g., «manage,» «develop,» «increase»). In reverse chronological order

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In March 2013, the website mashable leaked images of the new image change of Zuckerberg’s social network.[27] Some of the leaked changes are the disappearance of the thumbnails on the right of the user’s name, also the column where the publications are written will be located on the right instead of the left. Thus expanding the space for displaying personal opinions, among other changes.[28] This new addition allowed to solve the problem of the new filtering system.

With this new addition, it allowed to solve the problem of many regular online shopping users, that of not being able to visualize the product in a realistic way. With the integration of AR Messenger users can get a more complete idea of the product and share their photos containing AR effects and get feedback from other users.

Among the prominent people warning about the use is the former U.S. president who opened the new school year at a high school in Wakefield, Virginia. There he urged his country’s students to:

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The main components of a social network are a (usually finite) set of actors, which can be individuals or organizations, and a set of relationships (ties or links) between pairs of actors.[3] A relationship of an actor with itself is also known as a reflexive tie.[6] A relationship can be directed (asymmetric) or undirected (symmetric), and dichotomous (e.g., the friendship relationship, «is a friend of») or valued (e.g., the «degree of kinship» relationship). The properties of each actor (e.g., its name, gender, location, etc.) are known as attributes.[7] The way in which actors are related to each other is known as the way in which they are related to each other.

The way in which actors are related corresponds to the structure of the network.[2] A relational social system is the collection of data of a social network formed by the set of actors, their relationships and their attributes.[3] Actors should be understood as interdependent units within the network, while ties, as relational properties, channels of transfer or flow of resources between actors. A group is a subset of actors in the network that allows the construction of a subnetwork from these actors together with all the existing relationships between them. A dyad is a pair of actors and the relationships between them (which could be more than one), while a triad is a group of three actors and the relationships between them. Groups of more than three actors, together with their relationships, are known as larger systems.[2] A triad is a group of three actors and the relationships between them.

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How much does it cost to publish an open access article? This article reports a study published in F1000Research, in which the authors collected detailed data on each stage of scientific publication, from acquisition, preparation to content dissemination, considering six scenarios with different publishing service providers. The average cost is $460 to $520,….

The degree to which authors retain control over their published research depends on the rights they assign to their publisher prior to publication. As part of efforts to promote the immediate open publication of research, several research sponsors have endorsed the Rights Retention Strategy (RRS), whereby authors…

One of the consequences of this pandemic is an increase in the submission of scientific articles that has raised concerns about their quality. Along with this comes authorship issues, such as authorship for convenience, which should also appear on the radar of editors because of the possible deleterious consequences that could affect the new generation of scientists. … The post Comments…