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Who says mobile technology is useless in the kitchen? Cell phones can also help us when it comes to choosing the dishes for today’s dinner or the recipes for a special invitation.

Elle Gourmet is an application focused on haute cuisine recipes but also on simple and elegant dishes that will brighten up your table. With it you will have access to more than 6 thousand proposals for original appetizers, celebration dishes, delicious desserts and the best of international cuisine.

The application’s internal search engine will help you find recipes by ingredient, type of dish, type of cuisine. For those of you who have doubts, it also has answers just by using the S.O.S. search engine: you say what you have in the fridge and the app will suggest what you can prepare.

Among its features is dedicated to surprises, with which you just have to shake your Android with the home open and you will get a random recipe. The app has more than 200 video recipes and video tips to help you prepare simple, complete and delicious recipes, recommended by nutrition experts.

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Nowadays, the offer of streaming content platforms is increasing. Apart from Netflix, HBO, Prime Video and Disney+, the most popular services, there are many others that allow you to subscribe to access their catalog.

But if you want to watch movies and series for free, the alternatives are more limited. Now you have at your fingertips a new platform to enjoy content without paying anything: it is called Microchannels and belongs to AMC Networks International, the media group that has 14 thematic channels available on pay TV.

Specifically, the channels that are part of the group are AMC, Canal Hollywood, Canal Historia, Canal Cocina, Crimen e Investigación, Odisea, Decasa, Somos, Dark, Canal Panda, Blaze, XTRM, Sundance TV and Sol. All of them can be viewed on pay TV packages offered by operators such as Movistar or Vodafone.

Microcanales is a platform that allows you to watch a selection of content from these channels for free. It can be accessed through the browser or through an app for iOS and Android mobile devices, as well as for Samsung Smart TVs.

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The first thing we are going to reveal to you is that Canal Cocina is a private channel that requires the contracting of a television tariff to be able to watch it. It can be viewed with Movistar, Vodafone, Orange, Telecable, Euskatel and R.

It includes more than 80 entertainment channels, including Canal Cocina, which occupies Dial 80, and is included in all Fusión + tariffs. The operator’s cheapest option is the Inicia 600 MB tariff, priced at 75 euros per month.

It is one of the few operators that allow you to customize each of the elements of their packages. And looking for the cheapest way to watch Cana Cocina, we find the OSOA Take Away tariff. It includes Premium TV with which you can enjoy Canal Cocina for 19.90 euros per month for the first six months. After this time the price is 69 euros per month.

This is the operator’s cheapest tariff and includes Canal Cocina among the more than 70 television channels. With its Combo 350 antenna + mobile + TV tariff for 35 euros per month for three months. After that the price is 68 euros per month.


We are going to explain what Pluto TV is and how to use it, the platform with which you can watch a total of 62 exclusive TV channels online or on smart devices. Pluto TV bets on a rather peculiar formula, that of offering its content in open without you even having to register to be able to watch it all for free.

Pluto TV is a platform to watch several TV channels online. It allows you to view its content both through its website and on mobile devices, for which it has applications for Android and iOS. You will also be able to watch it through Movistar + (to which Pluto TV is associated, with Telefónica’s platform taking care of the advertising), Apple TV, Android TV and Amazon Fire TV.

Perhaps, one of the negative sides of the current deployment of this platform that has just arrived is that, for the moment, it does not have any application for operating systems such as webOS or Tizen, so you are always going to depend on having any of the external devices to the TV with which it is compatible to be able to watch it on various Smart TVs. Nor does it have support for Chromecast.