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free wordpress templates (2021)

Remember the .com rush? For those of you who didn’t consciously experience it, it was a period when internet related companies experienced rapid economic growth. (1995 – 2001)

To provide you with a good security on your wordpress template nothing better than the developer to release regular updates to fix any deficiencies or problems that arise from or discovered by hackers.

If you can consult and address the creators of wordpress templates, especially if they are free, you already have a proof of professionalism. Pay attention also to user reviews.

If on the other hand you are in the testing phase and you just want to validate a business idea with a minimum viable start will be enough, then I recommend a free wordpress template, responsive, SEO Friendly, and with everything we have recommended in this post.

Special mention the commented topic of security and updates, do not gamble. It should be versatile, with lightweight code and fully compatible with all plugins and woocommerce add-ons.

free ecommerce templates

Before getting into the matter, it is worth analyzing when you need a paid template and when you need a free one, because, although the ones that offer the best results are the premium ones, you don’t always have to resort to one of them.

First of all, you should know that there are many pages to download WordPress templates, but I always recommend using the official repository, where you can filter them according to different criteria: structure, subject or features.

This is an Elementor compatible theme that includes 100 very elegant and modern demos totally flexible and versatile with which you can create complete sites: portfolios, stores, corporate websites, personal branding, agencies etc.

GeneratePress is one of the most popular templates of the moment for its flexibility and speed. Such is its lightness that many SEO experts recommend it for having a 100% SEO optimized code.

Of all the free WordPress templates, the most used are the ones that come installed by default when you install the CMS: Twenty, Twenty Nineteen and Twenty Seventeen (WP’s own themes), in addition to OceanWP and Astra, already mentioned in the previous section.

best free wordpress themes for ecommerce

Take the opportunity to browse through the free templates on the site and you will see how you will find the perfect one for the online store you have in mind. Be careful: the process of creating online stores is not an easy task.

The Leo Collection theme builds your online store by choosing one of the models presented in this collection. A theme ready to create an amazing website that can add to the more traditional sales channels of your business.

It allows you to include full-screen galleries on your website and attractive banners that will allow you to draw attention to your products. One of the best templates to approach your customers in a simple way, whether you have a fabric bag store or a local business such as a spa or a gym.

Fitbody is another one of the best templates to create an eCommerce with Magento. It is a fully customizable theme, and incorporates a lot of Boostrap features ideal for optimizing your online store.

free wordpress templates

WooCommerce is a plugin for WordPress, but it is gradually gaining market share and catching up with more complex CMS dedicated specifically to eCommerce, such as Prestashop or Magento.

To start creating an online store with WooCommerce you need to have some idea of how WordPress works, how its plugins work and how to configure a theme, but you do not need a huge economic investment for this, as in the case of WordPress, there are many free plugins and themes that we can use to shape our WooCommerce online store.

In this article we are going to list 21 free themes for WooCommerce and WordPress, a list of 21 themes with different looks and options, all of them free and ready for you to start your ecommerce project.

Furnace has a free version that is fully functional and compatible with WooCommerce, although the screenshot above does not show the WooCommerce template because it is not available in the demo.